Ray – https://survey.paulbunyan.net/ray

Pelland Junction – https://survey.paulbunyan.net/pellandjunction

Rainy Lake – https://survey.paulbunyan.net/rainylake

Roger’s Corner – https://survey.paulbunyan.net/rogerscorner

Kabetogama – https://survey.paulbunyan.net/kabetogama

Koochiching Technology Initiative

Improving Broadband Internet Access

Help bring better internet service to Koochiching and Kabetogama.

Many residents of Koochiching and Kabetogama do not have access to good internet
speeds, or “broadband” internet, which the FCC defines as 25/3 (25 Mbps down and 3
Mbps up). The Koochiching Technology Initiative (KTI) with help from Cooperative
Network Services has identified five priority areas to target for internet improvement:
Rogers Corner, Ray, Kabetogama, Pelland Junction and Rainy Lake. These
neighborhoods don’t have broadband but do have a high enough density of homes and
businesses that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may be interested in serving these
areas with the help of grant funding from outside sources.
Who wants broadband?

The best way to get ISPs and funding agencies to commit to an area is to demonstrate
strong local demand in these priority areas. They want to know that enough people will
subscribe to these services if they are provided to make it worth their investment. The
winning combination is high density plus high interest.
KTI has partnered Paul Bunyan Communications to develop online surveys for each
priority area. Paul Bunyan will share the results with KTI and we are free to share them
with any interested ISP.

To participate, click the link for your community and complete the online survey.
1) Enter your name and contact information.
2) Enter your address by first selecting your road, then your street number, then
your city.
3) Indicate what services you may be interested in.
4) Add any comments you’d like to share with Paul Bunyan and KTI.
KTI Broadband Priority Areas:
• Roger’s Corner
• Ray
• Kabetogama
• Pelland Junction
• Rainy Lake, East
Talk to your neighbors!

The best way to make this happen is neighbor to neighbor, whether by word of mouth,
email or social media. Please share these links with your friends in these areas and
encourage them to participate!

For more information, go to Koochiching.tech or email info@koochiching.tech.

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