BBC Application, Part 3e

Accomplishments of our Community


Describe any work done previously or currently underway around the

six Intelligent Community Indicators


How you can help:

  • Add your examples directly into the 6 categories or into the Unsorted list at the bottom.
  • Move unsorted examples to where you think they fit best.
  • Rewrite examples for better phrasing.  They should be no longer than 3 sentences.
  • Sort the best examples to the top of each category.
  • Add a web like if it’s specific to the example.
  • Brainstorm with others.


Six Intelligent Community Indicators:

  1. Broadband infrastructure and services development
    1. Littlefork received a Border to Border grant from the state of Minnesota for infrastructure
  2. Creation, attraction and support of knowledge workers (highly skilled, highly paid workers)
  3. Innovation (new industries, new companies, new practices to enhance competitiveness)
  4. Digital Inclusion (ensuring that all community members have computers, skills and connectivity)
    1. Free wifi for HRA residents at Woodland Park Apartments.
    2. PCs for People through Kootasca.
    3. Subsidized internet access through Kootasca.
  5. Sustainability (improving living standards while maintaining the ability of future generations to do the same)
  6. Community marketing (efforts to attract investment and talent)
    1. Community Calendar, integrating separate organizational calendars into a single site.
    2. for tourism and potential new residents.
    3. Work Where You Play recruiting plan for medical service providers.


Unsorted examples:

  • Voyage forward planning process gathered stakeholders, set development priorities and gathered data, much of which highlighted needs and opportunities related to BBC priorities.
  • Local government recognition of broadband access and usage as a critical, central priority.
  • Woodland Park Apartments board decided to provide free broadband to all its residents.  As a HUD facility, this helped reach a number of low-income residents.
  • Small Town Tech formed by two Blandin graduates to meet the tech needs of our community and help raise the bar for the region as a whole.
  • CBP & Canadian creation of a remote border-crossing check-in app to make border crossing safer, more convenient and increase reporting compliance.  Also a test program of iPad kiosks at resorts and other convenient locations instead of 2 OARS stations.
  • Increased tech access in our schools (elaborate)
  • Northwoods Shutterbugs meets monthly to share photography tips, including helping each other with photography tech.
  • Fiber to the Cold Weather Testing facility was critical for Jaguar to participate.
  • Granite Digital data center.
  • Fiber to the FHS arena.
  • Community Ed offers tech courses from time to time.
  • Koochiching Aging Options has done some work using tech to help meet the needs of the elderly???
  • Kootasca provides PCs for People and helps with subsidized internet access.
  • UHG is our 2nd largest employer (??) and much of its workforce works from home if they meet UHG’s requirements for internet connection quality.
  • STT Free Five
  • Fiber Arrowhead loop with offers excellent connections but $300+ per month.
  • Northolm, LIttlefork and Big Falls have fiber speed now???
  • Community-wide calendar (Ted and Doug).  IFalls Nice. “There’s nothing to do!!!”
  • Swanky Sweet Pea
  • Niki Bergstrom’s national youth yoga subscription service.
  • KCC-TV has a history with Broadband and Blandin
  • Robotics teams: FHS and 4H.
  • City of IFalls overhauled their web page to make it easier for the public to access city services over the internet.

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