Please take this short survey to help us identify the need for better internet service in Koochiching County and Kabetogoma.

The Koochiching Technology Initiative (KTI) is a group of community members who are actively
seeking to improve internet access for people and businesses in Koochiching County. KTI came
together in 2018 out of a longstanding recognition of the critical importance of improving internet
access, integration and skills throughout our community. We have been accepted as a Blandin
Broadband Community: a two year Blandin Foundation program of planning, consultations and
possible funding to begin in December of 2018.

The Koochiching Technology Initiative is part of Voyage Forward and will contribute to the completion
of all Destiny Drivers selected by our community. See for details.
Our first step is this survey to measure the current access to and quality of internet services for
business and homes. The results will be used to plan improvements to internet access, speed, service
and reliability in Koochiching County and Kabetogama. Moving forward, KTI will work with internet
service providers, governments, other stakeholders and potential funding sources to bring broadband
to our communities.

If possible, please answer this survey online, at
Paper copies may be returned to the International Falls Public Library, 750 4th Street, International
Falls, MN 56649.
One survey per address please.

For more information, please go to or contact Jim Yount at 218-417-0053.



Koochiching Technology Initiative

Koochiching County and the Digital Age


Blandin Broadband Community

Application Information

Deadline: May 31, 2018


The Koochiching Technology Initiative (KTI) coalesced in 2018 out of a long standing recognition of the ubiquitous importance of internet access, integration and skills throughout our community.  Voyage Forward was launched in 2013 as a county-wide, stakeholder-driven revitalization effort to identify issues, set goals and take action to be “the platform for growing a vibrant and thriving region through community and economic development.”  KTI will work to leverage internet and technological resources in service of the Destiny Driver goals identified through the Voyage Forward project.


On May 31st, 2018, KTI is applying to the Blandin Foundation to become one of four Blandin Broadband Communities (BBC) for a two-year period ending in 2020.  If accepted, Blandin will partner with us in our efforts to further refine our priorities and launch specific projects to the benefit of our community. The program also has up to $25,000 in research and $75,000 in grant money available.  Together, we will work to increase access to, use of and local skills for the world wide web by partnering with service providers, funding institutions and stakeholders throughout our community.


You can help make our BBC application a success by helping us satisfy the following Blandin priorities:

  • Letters of support for KTI’s BBC application, addressed to the Blandin Foundation, from individuals, groups and governments.  Tell how the internet has or could make a difference for you.
  • Stakeholders and their interest in our technological future.
  • Accomplishments that demonstrate our commitment to technology access and opportunities.


Send your ideas and letters of support to Info@Koochiching.Tech.


More information: